"The Maa DhumaVati Temple"

“Maa DhumaVati Jayanti” Is observed on the ashtami tithi of the shukla paksha in the month of jyeshtha. This year “Maa DhumaVati Jayanti” Is on june 14, 2024.
“Maa DhumaVati Gayatri Mantra” for the worship Of Maa DhumaVati
“Amangala KalahaPriyai
Shurpa Haste Maa DhumaVati
DhumraVarna Bahuroope
KakaDhwaja RathaCharini
Vriddha Virupayai Devi
Kutila Maa Dhuma Hastayai
Om Maa DhumaVatyai Cha Vidhmahe
Samhaarinyai Cha Dheemahi
Tanno Maa Dhuma Prachodayat”
The Divine Mother As Maa DhumaVati Is Revered As The Embodiment Of Divine Blessings In Disguise.
The Dark, Shadowy, And Smoky Depiction Of Maa DhumaVati Symbolizes the dark and challenging aspects of life.
The Divine Mother Is Ever-Present, in all auspicious moments and in situations that are often considered inauspicious, unfortunate, or negative by the society due to lack of wisdom.
The Great Cosmic Wisdom Of Maa DhumaVati Teaches That adversity and challenges are transformative experiences, Enabling deserving devotees to recognize The Presence Of The Divine Mother In both the light and darkness of life.

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