"The Maa DhumaVati Temple"

In Maa DhumaVati’s Void, the false ego self that so far was the basis of life, work, and family cannot be found upon closer inspection.

The “I” disappears Into Her Great Void And In Its Vastness. Everything that we hold dear dissolves Into Nothingness.

As the ego self begins to dissolve, it looks for a foothold – not finding one, it struggles. During this phase, there is nothing we can do, other than to let go into Her Void. If we have a fixed idea about what the so called knowledge Of The Self looks like, we will resist this phase – bringing more pain – particularly if we expected it to be a state of continuous bliss and joy.

Instead, what we feel may be far from it.

To avail ourselves Of Maa DhumaVati’s Grace, we should give up the last bit of expectation about awakening.

Then we might be worthy Of Her Blessings, If She So Chooses.

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