"The Maa DhumaVati Temple"

Maa DhumaVati, The Divine Cosmic Wisdom Form Who Destroys ill thought and the illusory idea of what we are not

Depicted As Smoky Complexioned, Riding A Chariot With A Flag Bearing A Crow, Maa DhumaVati Symbolises the dark side of life

With A “Name” That Means “She Who Is Made Of Smoke.” Also Depicted To Reflect The Wizened Appearance Of Old Age, She Wears A Relentless Grimace On Her Face. Sitting in the wisdom of despair, She Symbolises the dissolved form of consciousness.

Maa DhumaVati Symbolises the power that destroys ill thought and the illusory idea of what we are not. She Is Depicted As The Grandmother Spirit, Symbolising the death of winter which is followed by the promise of rebirth in the spring. She Is The Wisdom we turn To in darkness – Giving us strength to visualize and dream our worlds anew.

Depicted With Two Hands, Maa DhumaVati Holds A Winnowing Basket In One Hand And Makes Either Boon Conferring Gesture (varada mudra) Or Knowledge Giving Gesture (chin mudra) With The Other Hand. She Rides On A Horseless Chariot Bearing An Emblem Of A Crow. Maa DhumaVati Is The Only One Of The Maa MahaVidyas Without Her consort. Gazing At Her, witnessing Her Power Of Massive Destruction, one wishes to be detached.

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