"The Maa DhumaVati Temple"

Maa DhumaVati Symbolises The Primordial Darkness, Within Which everything coexists. By Obscuring Or Covering all that is known, Maa DhumaVati Reveals The Depth Of The Unknown And The Unmanifest.
Maa DhumaVati Obscures what is evident In Order To Reveal the hidden and the profound.

Maa DhumaVati Is The Great Single Source Where both the feminine and masculine principles are unified. Thus, She Contains Within Herself all potentials And Shows the latent energies that dwell within us. To develop these latent energies, we must first recognise them. This requires honouring Maa DhumaVati.

Maa DhumaVati Also Revered As YogaNidra, the pre-creation state of consciousness or the voids in which all creation would dissolve and reach the ultimate reality of brahman.
This void is pure consciousness, the cessation of movements of the mind, and silence.

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